Is Live Betting Really Profitable In Sports Betting?

All About Wazobet Casino and Sports Betting Platform
All About Wazobet Casino and Sports Betting Platform

Both veteran and in-experienced bettors have heard of live betting. Just as the name implies, it basically involves betting on a game that’s already in progress. In-play betting is a favorite among bettors and this is because of the high odds the markets have and the pressure attached to the bet. There are many markets available in live betting although the number of markets varies with bookmakers, generally, the markets are many. In this article, we will be the benefits as well as the disbenefits of in-play betting. We will also enlighten you on the types of betting markets available in live betting.

What Are The Types Of Betting Markets Available In Live Betting?

Just as discussed earlier, the number of markets available in live betting varies from sportsbook to sportsbook. However, that isn’t the only factor that causes variation, the type of sport also determines the type of markets that will be available. Below is a taster of the types of betting markets available.

Traditional bets

If you’re experienced in betting, you will notice that some markets available in pre-match are also available in In-play betting. The only thing sportsbooks change about these markets is the odds. The market odds before the match can never be the same after 10minutes of play. Odds are affected by every action that takes place in the match. Some of these markets we are referring to include:

  •       match-winner
  •       over/under goals
  •       The number of sets in all kinds of tennis

The odds of these markets will be determined by what happens during the event. The most likely favoured team is the team taking the lead.

Props bet

These types of live betting markets are rampant in football events. Some markets available include;

  •       First to score
  •       First-to concede a penalty
  •       First to receive a booking

The wager could be backing Lionel Messi to score open the scoring for Barcelona in the La Liga or Boateng to receive the first booking in the Bundesliga. These types of markets are also very popular.


Turning single bets into parlays isn’t allowed on all bookmakers, only a few permits it. Forming parlays from single bets basically means adding bets to original wagers, that is, making a prematch selection and ending up adding other markets to the original selection after the game has commenced. Only major sports betting platforms have this feature.

Why You Shouldn’t Engage In Live Betting

Live betting is very popular in sports betting. Before engaging in live betting as a beginner, it’s smart for you to get familiar with some pitfalls associated with live betting. Not getting familiar with these pitfalls is like going into a city without knowing where to avoid them. Knowing both the negatives and positives of In-play betting gives you a better idea of how to go about your stakes. Let’s look at some reasons why you shouldn’t engage in live betting.


During live betting, bettors are bound to have this feeling of being more of a gambler than an individual taking calculated risks, this is bad because, when they have this feeling, they tend to make decisions by heart and not stats. Placing stakes by heart just as we all know is hazardous for punters. If this frenzied feeling persists, the bettor might totally neglect teams’ statistics during betting, and this might lead to huge financial loss.

No reflection

For you to be a successful bettor you need to have maximum concentration and a lot of time in hand. In pre-match betting, the bettor will be provided with enough time to make selections however live betting doesn’t give these bettors this opportunity. Live betting is a matter of placing stakes immediately the market shows up. Lots of pressure is associated with In-play betting and too much pressure is bad for sports betting.


In-play betting causes addiction and sports betting addiction to an extent contributes to the frenzy feeling that bettors normally have. Sports betting is meant to be done calmly and selectively, but addiction as a result of excessive in-play betting makes bettors blind to these facts. For bettors who have trouble resisting addiction during normal betting, engaging in live betting seems to be a very bad idea.

Difficulty in devising a strategy

When betting conventionally, it’s always very easy to devise strategies especially when it has to do with the type of market and the amount of stake. In-play betting doesn’t give you time to strategize you can barely decide what direction you wish to take during live betting. Although you might be able to create a general plan, it might not be as solid as it should be, and you might still end up losing cash.

Why You Should Consider In-play Betting

If you’re capable of handling the cons of In-play betting enumerated above, here are some reasons why you should engage in live betting.

Power of intuition

All bookmakers use computers to operate their live betting, this technically means there’s bound to be some things that are out-of-whack. As a smart bettor, you will have the power to detect some things in the game that the computer simply can’t detect, this is mainly because the computer solely depends on past results. There are always subtle shifts that the computer might not be able to detect but the bettor can. This means the bettors can easily take over the game and hence, make more profits.

Entertainment value

During In-play betting, it’s hard not to have this feeling of being in the game. For most bettors, placing stakes on games and letting them play isn’t fun at all. In-play betting puts bettors in another sphere of excitement.

When numbers refuse to work

Most events barely exist on a continuum. This basically means a team could be losing at the early stage of the game but still maintain a very strong style of play. A bettor’s ability to observe the losing team’s commitment could earn such bettor more profits. Observation works where patterns fail.


Just like other sports betting features, In-play betting provides bettors with opportunities and more importantly entertainment. However, if you can’t handle the cons of live betting listed above, it is advisable to stick to pre-match bookings. Practice with bonuses or virtual cash, study how In-play betting works on different platforms. If you feel its suits you, and you’re ready to take the leap, deposit real cash and kickstart your journey to success!


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