Recommendations For Newbies In Sports Betting; The Tips, The Dos & The Don’ts


Looking for valid information about sports betting online isn’t an easy task. One’s bound to find several articles, you stumble on articles like; how to deposit funds in sports betting, working with betting markets, the best bookmakers to use, and lots more. Sometimes when you go further in your search, you will also find articles on advanced systems of betting. In this article, we will discuss sports the betting strategies that every newbie in sports betting needs to know, and the do’s and don’t’s newbies need to know for success in sports betting.

4 Tips For All Newbies In Sports Betting

Understanding these tips as a newbie gives you a good headstart in your betting career. The tips include;

Start your betting with small stakes

Beating bookmakers isn’t easy one has to be focused and determined. Although all punters don’t pick up winning strategies the same way, some pick up faster than others, however, there’s a learning curve that affects everyone even the best of punters. As a newbie, you need to understand that you’ve just a little cash to stake with, so you shouldn’t make the mistake of placing stakes with huge cash on events because you feel you will win. $20 or even less is enough to start with as a newbie. This doesn’t mean all your stakes should be 20 dollars, you can decide to place $5, $12, just make sure you don’t exceed $20. Even with the varieties of strategies available, newbies might still find it difficult to make profits in their early stage, so it’s advisable to minimize your stake amounts, so you don’t get to lose much cash.

Concentrate on small areas

The greatest mistake a newbie in sports betting can make is betting on huge odds games. Some of these huge odds games are; super bowl and basketball tournaments. These huge odds games have a lot attached to them and these newbies are not aware of these attachments hence, the cause for their loss. Instead of being random and greedy about your bets, you should divert your attention to just one area. Pick a sport and make a thorough research about the sport, check for the recent fixture results of the sport, determine the winning team in the sport. By carrying these steps, building a base of knowledge about the sport becomes less difficult. Having sound knowledge about the sports in sports betting is the first step to greatness in sports betting.

Make money-line wagers

Every event in sports betting has at least two lines. These lines are not always similar. One of these lines is the point spread. The point spread is known to always be against the spread bet, it basically goes against the rule of each team getting equal points as one team gets more points than the other team. The second type of betting line which is common is the money-line. Moneyline is fair. You get to place stakes on teams with equal points, no team will have more points than the other. Money-line is seen as the direct opposite of point spread.

Another thing you need to know about these lines is that their cost of betting and the team odds in each case is always different. Point spreads are known to have lesser odds and higher vigs while money-line is known for high odds and lesser vigs. The extra money incurred bylines on stakes is known as vig. Newbies are advised to make money-line wagers because it’s more profitable.

The home team advantage

Home teams tend to win more than away teams in all events. Although the winning percentage varies with seasons and event types, research shows that the home team wins more. For success in betting you need to understand the home team advantage and how it can affect your stakes. Bookmakers understand that home teams win more games than any team and this is why they give home teams more credits when deciding the best side.

Most bettors prefer betting on home teams regardless of the team’s strength and past record. Bookmakers also noticed this and shifted lines to the home market. This explains why home underdogs don’t have as many odds as they should. You need to be careful while placing bets and make sure you’re not carried away by the “home advantage” myth. Judge teams by their past matches and history because the best team always wins regardless of the side it’s on.

What You Should Do Vs What You Shouldn’t Do As A Beginner In Sports Betting

Career, relationships, and some other basics of life have “dos” and “don’ts”. The greatest mistake punters make is letting emotions get the better of them while placing bets. Emotions and sports betting don’t do so well together. If you really want to make money as a bettor, you’ve to take the long-term approach. What separates a successful bettor from an unsuccessful one is how they handle valleys and peaks. Below are some tenets in sports betting that every newbie in sports betting is expected to live by. These tenets are divided into “dos” and “don’ts”.


Create a Bankroll

Every newbie is advised to take this tenet by heart to avoid financial issues. Bankroll prevents meagre losses from escalating into huge losses. That amount of cash you set aside solely for sports betting is known as your bankroll. If your bankroll is $100, see the $100 as payment for a product- it’s gone. This way, you will hardly be hurt by losses. 

Shop around for bookmakers

In a bid to win you over as a newbie, bookmakers tend to give out outrageous bonuses. Taking advantage of these bonuses from different bookmakers is considered a smart move! Utilizing these bonuses comes with some benefits. You get to know how the sportsbook works without spending a penny, and you also get to win cash without spending a penny. Shopping around for bookmakers also helps you know the best bookmaker to work with.


Don’t ever bet with your heart

Betting with your heart is difficult to resist, but you’ve to resist! do whatever it takes to remove emotions while placing stakes. Heart-bets is known to have ruined even the best of bettors. Turning this tenet into a habit contributes to your success in sports betting. You shouldn’t put your cash in it if you can’t take your heart out of it.

Don’t place bets with thinking

One thing you need to understand about bookmakers is that they don’t set odds based on what they feel the outcome will be rather, they set odds based on what bettors feel the outcome will be. It’s important for you to ask yourself; “why am I picking this market over other markets”  if you can’t provide an answer to this question, don’t stake!


Making money at an early stage in sports betting is difficult, and it also takes lots of commitment. With these tips and tenets, success in sports betting will not be difficult because once you start practising them, you will be cautious of your stakes, and in a short while you will start turning in profits.


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