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About Wazobet-Bonus

Wazobet-Bonus is a Nigerian Online Platform on which a group of enthusiastic and experienced professionals shares their articles, tips, guides, and other valuable information about the Sports Betting and Gambling industry. 

We are a group of people who, in the first place, really enjoy and love Sports and Gambling. According to our knowledge and experience in both fields, we are here to show the best bookmakers and give you the best advice on many topics of your interest. Nevertheless, we cannot guarantee you a 100% accuracy on our football tips, but we can make sure that you will definitely make a good choice! 

On our website you can find articles about the most popular Nigerian Betting Sites, numerous Casino Guides, Sports Betting Guides, Betting News, Football Tips, Reviews, League Stats, and much more! 

Our mission is to introduce everyone with the fantastic world of Online Gambling and Sports Betting, by providing them with the most accurate, complete and up-to-date information they need! 

We hope that you will enjoy this site and make the most of it! For any additional information, please contact us via Email: admin@wazobet-bonus.ng 

Meet Our Team

  • Amobi Eze (Founder and Betting Expert) – The mastermind of Wazobet-Bonus website is an experienced betting expert from Nigeria, Amobi Eze. He wanted to share his passion for sports betting with the world and various sports betting strategies. Eze stands behind the whole concept of the site. 
  • Chibundu Kalu (Betting Expert) – is one of the most experienced and enthusiastic betting experts of Nigeria and a co-founder of the Wazobet-Bonus website. He is responsible for all the content about Sports Guides, Reviews, Football Tips, and more. 
  • Nneka Obi (Betting Expert) – Nneka is a former soccer player and a huge lover of sports in general. Her biggest mission is to help people find the best football matches to bet on and to give them the best possible predictions.
  • Kelechi Bello (Gambling Expert) has joined Wazobet-Bonus with the wish to share his rich knowledge about Online Casino Games. He is a professional gambling expert whose biggest mission is to help others start earning money with his detailed guides for any experience level. 
  • Maduka Ibrahim (Programmer/Designer) Long story short, Maduka is the reason why Wazobet-Bonus website works so well! He is responsible for the amazing layout of this site and the one who provides the best User Experience!
  •  Zaara Abubakar (Author/Editor) Zaara is responsible for the content of this website. She creates, edits, optimizes, and updates all of the content you can find on Wazobet-Bonus site.