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Privacy Policy – Wazobet-Bonus Platform


Privacy Policy exists to help you understand how we use your personal data collected on the Wazobet-Bonus Platform. You are completely free to see match statistics, search for tips and compare them to other tipsters, share information and opinions on tips, bets, and sports matches. For more information visit Terms & Conditions

Data Controller and Data Subjects

While using the Wazobet-bonus website, you are becoming the data subject and you may have to disclose some pieces of information. Be aware that we have complete control of what information you are sharing with the platform. Nevertheless, you have all the rights over your personal data guaranteed by the EU Data Protection Law and other rights. All the data you enter on Wazobet-bonus gives us the right to decide the purpose and means of it. We have the right to process your data, but also a huge responsibility to protect it by all means. 

Types Data and Reasons for Processing

All the entered data provides is valuable information for us, because it helps us to provide the best service for you. It’s also helpful for us to maintain and develop good functioning of Wazobet-bonus website and make it safer. 

Identification data

We have the right to collect your PII – Personal Identifiable Information, which means your Username, Display name, E-mail address. In the first place, we are collecting your email and IP address, how you use our website, and other important personal information, such as your private interests, habits, social media account details and your specific betting interests.

Use of Cookies on our Website

On Wazobet-bonus we use Cookies for every type of internet browser that visits our site. Cookies are very important because they help us provide only the best service for you. With cookies, you can only expect a top user experience. They exist to process standard internet log details and behavioral patterns of each visitor. We are using cookies equally to analyze visitors’ activities on our platform, improve navigation on the site, and generate the content from their parties. See more on our Cookie Policy to get to know more about how are we using cookies and how you can opt-out of them. 

Protecting your Data 

The most important thing to know is that we are collecting and processing your entered data for as long as we need them. It is our practice to always follow technical and organizational measures while handling your data. We guarantee you full security of the entered personal data on our website and protection from any unlawful procession and unauthorized use of it. Also, we are protecting any unlawful loss of it, theft, disclosure, alteration, or unauthorized access to it.

Your Rights

The way we process your data is completely public for you to see. You can check all the information on how we do that and all important details of our Company, such as: 

  • Our identity
  • Contant
  • Reason/ Purpose why we need your personal data 
  • Legal basis for this
  • Who receives your data
  • Other relevant details for transparent processing of it

The right of access

You have the right to:

  • Be informed whether we’re processing your data or not
  • Get all details on the progress of processing it
  • Ask about the data we’re being processing

Right to rectification

In order for us to delete your personal data that you have provided earlier on our website, we are obligated by law to accede to your request. Have in mind that, at any time you are able to update any incomplete data. 

Rights to restrict processing

You can request restricting of the procession of your data if:

  • It is not accurate 
  • The data is illegal
  • In case you raise an objection against the use of it
  • It’s not required any longer for the original purposes

Right to object to the processing of your data

It is your right to oppose the processing of the data you’ve entered in case if it’s affected your peculiar situation.We’ll be compelled to withhold the data processing after the objection, unless there’s an overriding legal position against your freedom and fundamental rights.

Right to erasure 

It is your right to request erasing your personal data if:

  • The procession of your personal data is unlawful
  • Your data is not needed any longer for the purpose of collecting it 
  • You’ve declined to consent to the processing of such data
  • There’s any objection on your side for processing any of that data

Note that we’re not going to be bound to this obligation unless we cannot prove it. 

Right not to be the subject of automated decision making

It’s your right to raise an objection to personal data procession of automated decision making (profiling). Afterwards, we won’t be able to process that data anymore. Also, your right is to ask for, so-called, human intervention of the automated decision making about yourself. 

Right to lodge a complaint

In case you feel as if we’ve breached your personal data rights, you are free to lodge a complaint to that effect with the local data protection authority in your country (the place where the infringement took place)

Rights to Portability of Data

Your right is to get the personal data, provided earlier on the Wazobet-bonus site, in some cases. It’s also your right to request from us to send the data to any chosen address by you. In case that transmission is technically feasible, it is our right to oblige you. 

The Way you Exercise your Data 

In order to exercise your rights or get the information about your data processing, you can contact us via

Retention of Data 

We will store all of your personal data in our database once you enter them since we have all the legal rights over it. Nevertheless, we won’t display your data publicly in any way longer.

Who Your Personal Data Can Be Shared With

Your personal data can be shared with third parties such as the team of Wazobet-bonus that helps the development of the site, its’ marketing, maintenance, analysis, etc.

Transfer of Your Data to Third Countries

Be aware that we are allowed to share your data to third countries that have an assurance of security. It’s our obligation to provide top-line security to all the recipients. Also, it’s our duty that available security procedures cope with all data protection laws applicable (GDPR as well). In any case, your data will be protected by the Privacy Shield mechanism. 


We have the right to occasionally modify Privacy Policy. Those modification could:

  • Related to the procession of your data for other purposes 
  • Affect your rights and obligations on the Wazobet-bonus platform
  • Include implementation of any new technologies
  • Launching of some new services, etc.

Also, it can include some minor modifications that have nothing to do with your rights and obligations on the Wazobet-Bonus platform. They could be organizational, structural, and grammatical modifications or changes.