Sports Betting Recommendation – Understanding Grand Salami and Deciding Which Type of Sports Bet to Place

All About Wazobet Casino and Sports Betting Platform
All About Wazobet Casino and Sports Betting Platform

One of the lesser-known, less-used bets is the grand salami. Although it seems like something you’d probably order at a deli, ordering it at a sportsbook might have some appeal in the right situation. If you’re not too familiar with the grand salami and its uses, let us take a closer look to see what it entails and why it could give bettors some value.

What Is The Grand Salami?

Grand Salami is an all-encompassing over-under that is offered in hockey and baseball. This form of total incorporates all the over-under of all the board games. In other words, if you’re placing a bet on the grand salami in hockey, you’re forecasting whether all the goals in all the games on a specific night will fly over or under the grand salami total. Take a close look at the following example:

Game 1

St. Louis Blues at Dallas Stars, Total: 6.5

Game 2

Tampa Bay Lightning at Calgary Flames, Total: 5.5

Game 3

Toronto Maple Leafs at Ottawa Senators, Total: 6

Grand Salami: 18

As you can tell, the three games’ cumulative total is 18, and that’s what a grand salami is. Then your job is to determine whether it’s going to go over or under the number.

The Strategy Of Betting The Grand Salami

The trick to betting on a grand salami requires making your predictions. It would be best if you only bet on each over-under separately, of course. Well, that’s fair. What we’re doing here, though, is attempting to find a bigger overall edge.

Let’s assume that you’re an advanced sports bettor and that you’re chewing your numbers. Your forecasts indicate that because Maple Leafs use a goalie backup, the total of 6.5 looks like a good game. And for the Blues-Stars game, your forecasts predict around 6.25 goals in the contest. Of course, you can bet those on your own, but you’re a little mixing those edges by playing over the grand salami.

There are various variables to consider here, such as which teams rest in general or are in back-to-back, which teams are with their usual goaltenders, against which teams are rolling back-to-back, and general matchups.

As far as baseball is concerned, note that grand salami is also offered in that sport. What you’re going to want to look at in baseball is their splits, who’s pitching in the games, how they face up versus their next rival, and so on. If you’re handicapping games for the day, and you’re planning to bet on most of them, it makes sense to bet a fair amount of money on a grand salami as well. It means that you’re anticipating a high overall score day based on your handicap, and betting over a grand salami is another means of taking advantage of that.

Postponed Games Give rise to No Action

One crucial thing to keep in mind with Grand Salami is that if any of the games are postponed or canceled on a day, your overall bet becomes a push. For instance, if you bet the under in a grand salami for hockey and one of the games gets snowed out, the bet pushes, and all stakes are reimbursed.

Deciding the type of sports bets should be placed

Just like the stock market is for shareholders, there are many sports betting choices when putting their hard-earned money in the game of a given sport. While the traditional point spread bet is still the most popular and recognizable bet, options such as futures make a longer “sweat” or literally time the bet outcome is in question. To make a different stock market analogy, sports betting players will always keep a complex portfolio of bets that includes anything from over/under bets and daily point spread, prop bets, money line bets, and season-long future bets. Let us take a closer look at some of the most popular forms of sports bets and find out what’s best for you.


The second most popular form of sports bet is over/under. When the game comes to an end, both teams’ aggregate score is the “total” score. If you bet over/under, you literally bet whether that “total” would fall above or below the number fixed by the sportsbook. The risk of betting this amount is, of course, the final few minutes of a game that is pointless to others but not so pointless to others. A perfect example of this is the bench-warmers who get into the game after the score has been decided, but they play hard and push up the score, pushing over the total.

Against the Spread

The most popular and commonly used form of sports bet is against (point) spread bets. Betting against the spread is a bet on one side of the predetermined point spread in a given game or match. For instance, if you are on the Clippers-6.5 against the Suns, the Clippers have to win the game by at least 7 points for your bet to profit. The point spread is how two unevenly matched teams can be positioned on a level playing field, whether from a skill or a perception point of view. 

The downside of the point spread is that the closer you get to the game commencement, the more the point spread has been “wagered in,” which implies that it is at the most challenging to beat the place both from the point of view of what the sportsbook has made the number and also from the point of view of the professionals moving it.


One of my favorite types of bets for which there is definitely a strategy is future betting. When you bet on the future, you are most likely to bet early in the season on the outcome of a season-long outcome, such as who wins the Super Bowl. If your odds are big enough, there is sufficient potential for you to make sure that you make a profit, regardless of whether your team eventually wins it all. If, for instance, at the start of the 2019 NFL season, you had to place a bet on the 49ers to win Super Bowl by saying 20 to 1 odds for $100, you joined the NFC Championship game only two games short of cashing out $2,000. 

By betting on your rivals in both the NFC Championship and then the Super Bowl to claim 20 percent ($400) and then 40 percent ($800) of your initial bet, you are promised the lowest possible profit of $300. While some bettors have a higher risk tolerance (and different betting patterns) than others by having the bet run to completion, a future bet is a safe way to keep those options open in a given sport throughout the season.


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