Naira Bet Payment Options: How to Withdraw Funds from Naira Bet

All about Nairabet on Wazobet-bonus
All about Nairabet on Wazobet-bonus

Naira Bet Withdrawal Methods

So, you want to know what are the Naira Bet Payment Options? First, note that winning on NairaBet requires that you understand a key thing and that is having a plan. When you have a plan, it will take only a matter of time before you start making consistent profits.

It becomes difficult to withdraw from the bookie if you happen to be a first-time punter. It’s especially like that when you’re not familiar with the bookie. The question is how will you then transfer your winnings from NairaBet onto your bank account? We will answer that question later in this article.

The options for withdrawal available on this bookmaker is minimal. Nevertheless, you can easily make a transfer from your bank account as long as you have registered with any bank in Nigeria. The least you can withdraw from this betting site is a thousand Naira. You can only process a single withdrawal each day.

Naira Bet How to Register and Claim Bonus

Table of content:

  1. Naira Bet Withdrawal Methods
  2. Procedure:
  3. Account Verification is Necessary For Withdrawals

To process payout from your betting account to your bank account, follow these procedures:

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to Withdraw Funds from Naira Bet?

  1. Step 1

    Go to the Naira Bet Website at 
    If you have the NairaBet app, you don’t need to go in from a Web browser, rather access it through the app.

  2. Step 2

    Sign in to your betting account.
    In your dashboard area, you will be spot an icon labeled “Account” or “My Account” and select it. The “Account” option will be visible to those using the mobile application, while those using their personal computer will see “My Account”.

  3. Step 3

     Tap on the account/profile area.
    Immediately you are signed in, you will have to select the Account/Profile icon (that looks the same way a head does). A list of drop-down menus will be displayed. Simply check down and tap on “Wallet”. Another set of menus will drop down and this is where you’ll find the “Withdraw Funds” area. 

  4. Step 4

    Tap on the “Withdraw Funds” option.
    Select the “Withdraw Funds” option and you’ll be transferred to the payout page. If your bank account details have been added earlier, it will be clearly displayed. And if otherwise, you’ll be asked to provide your bank account details (which you will need to verify also). During the process of adding up your bank account details, if you’re making use of a mobile device, it will display with an orange color, while a grey dot will be spotted beside your account number when using a personal computer.
    Choose your preferred bank, type in your account number, set your account name, and then tap on the “Add Method” button.

Note: Make sure that the account details you save on their database are similar to the one you used while creating your account. Any information that differs from this will create hassles when you want to process a withdrawal.

As soon as your account is verified, you can then move on to carry out your withdrawal.

Account Verification is Necessary For Withdrawals

Rather than waiting up until the time you want to withdraw, you can proceed to verify your account as soon as you can. Once you complete your verification process, you’ll be able to process payouts any time of the day without experiencing a time lag.

You can complete the verification over a single working day (without weekends and public holidays). Upon verification of your account, you’ll spot a blue dot towards the account number or it will display in black color (for those using a mobile device).

Take to the above-listed procedures and start enjoying fast withdrawals. If you have gone through this guide and you’re still finding it hard to process payouts, you can reach Naira Bet’s customer support service by dialing 0700NAIRABET (070062472238).

Naira Bet Deposit Methods – All Payment Methods Included

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