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Live Casino Games

Have you ever wanted to know all about playing Live Online Casino Games? Internet gambling has experienced notable growth in recent years. There is one area in which it has always seemed to have a low profile when compared to a real casino: the presence of the dealer.

Most online casinos have been trying to solve this problem for some time with the introduction of live casino games. In these online casinos, the bettor can enjoy his usual casino games. However, this time with the presence of a real dealer who will interact with the players through a video transmission.

Table of content:

  1. Live Casino Games
  2. Computer Requirements To Play At Live Casinos
  3. Live Stream vs Control Room
    1. Live Streaming
    2. The Control Room
  4. How a player is safe at the live casino lobby
  5. Future of Live Casino Games

Computer Requirements To Play At Live Casinos

Live online casino games for real money transmit the image of the dealer and the table live via streaming (video feed). Although there is no minimum requirement regarding speed, if you really want to enjoy the experience without the game crashing or slowing down, you’ll need to have enough speed. A good fiber-optic broadband connection should suffice, or a decent WiFi. In general, 750 Kbps is usually sufficient.

Regarding the system requirements, most live online casinos, like Wazobet, require at least Windows XP and 1GB of RAM to run smoothly. There are sites that will not load unless you have updated Flash Player.

The requirements for the graphics card, screen resolution, and sound card vary. Nevertheless, for the display, it should at least have a resolution of 800 x 600 pixels.

If you play from your mobile phone, Smartphone or Tablet, you will need WiFi or a 3G connection or, better yet, 4G.

As for the game itself, some of the best online casinos with real dealers have begun to offer their own specific apps to play traditional online casino games on mobile or tablet.

When it comes to taking the next step towards live gaming, the truth is that the small size of Smartphones and Tablets can go against this advance.

After all, what fun would it be to play at an online casino with real dealers if you can’t see the dealer on your screen?

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Live Stream vs Control Room

Live Streaming

The live gaming option available on your phone is not by chance. Rather, it’s a program that Casino operators, from the gaming facility, have carefully designed to help players get the same thrill experience in a land-based casino. 

The gaming facility, which operates under a production firm, such as Emeralds Bets International Ltd for Wazobet, is responsible for providing novelties to the platform. It is to optimize the top-notch experience.

However, the difference between a live streaming casino and a land-based one is the reservation of seats for the latter, which has been replaced with cameras to transmit events. Some of the cameras for live streaming events include;

1.      The camera focuses promptly on the dealer.

2.      One that focuses on the game, backdrop, and table.

3.      The action-zooming camera from all angles.

These cameras are different from the regular ones. They possess the capacity to form visual composition and built-in recognition feature. So, people primarily use these features for top-end security like airports and car parks identification and identifying registration plates. The footage is very well perfected to ensure a pungent exemplar.

For live gaming, these cameras are there to identify every specialty. Those are balls landing on the roulette wheel and card identification. The cameras have the ability to process data into digitized information as quickly as possible. In that way, one can transmit it via on-screen graphics.

The Control Room

Every of this action is operated from the Control room.  There’re quite a lot of faces behind the screen. They’re working extensively to ensure that everything happening, away from the table, one can transmit live for all to see on-screen.

Here, everything gets on tape. The likes of activity tracking, camera angles are there to ensure that the environment remains safe for the players. It’s without having to track their privacy.

Players have to ensure that they don’t have any problem placing their bets or going over their means. In case of any, they will be taken off immediately from the table.

Dealers, this time around, have to communicate with the control room via body-installed earpieces. This way, the control room staff can simply brief the croupier about any gaming relevance happening. One can effectively communicate the events and happenings such as bets deadlines, cheating, and the likes.

More so, dealers have to players during a game, as it is like in live casinos, without distraction. To effect this, the earpiece has to be installed and available to use. In the meantime, the players reply back or communicate through live chats.

How a player is safe at the live casino lobby

To protect the interest of players, the operators of live casinos must ensure to abide by the rules and regulations guidance already put in place.

 Trusting like this, right off the bat, what one finds on the internet is not very convenient. Many pages that advertise live casinos operators do so without rhyme or reason, mixing those that have a license with others of dubious legality. Remember that the appropriate body must regulate all online casinos.

Operators’ offers must be scrutinized. The bond policy and its validation criteria. Taking a look at the legal contract of the online casino does not hurt, as well as the terms and conditions pages.

The games in the live casino catalog are another important aspect. But not only the amount of these, the companies that develop the software all have characteristics that make them special. It is important to know if there is enough supply of tables for card games and if there is live roulette.

Finally, we must not forget the payment methods. A wide variety of these allows greater flexibility when making deposits by associating the customer account with the financial institution that best suits one’s needs.

These are the most important points to know which online casinos are safe and reliable:

  1. A legal license issued by the appropriate body
  2. Detailed and visible legal contract with the client
  3. Bonuses and other promotional offers in non-abusive conditions
  4. Complete game catalog, preferably with live tables
  5. Well-established software developers
  6. Security and audits
  7. Various payment methods

Future of Live Casino Games

If there is an industry that continuously adapts to the passing of the times and, particularly, to the tastes and preferences of its users, that is the online gaming industry. If we talk about casino betting, the vast majority of websites already offer the possibility of being able to see one of the most valued aspects as a user is a possibility of interacting with other people.

The human factor, therefore, seems more important in this segment of the game than in others. If in the case of online poker, the objective of the player is not to show whether he has a good hand or not (that is, to refrain from any possible emotion in his interaction with other players).

It is in the case of the casino the player’s profile seems in most cases respond to the need to socialize and interact with other individuals.

Hence, everything indicates that online casinos will continue to echo the new needs that arise and use the latest technology to improve the experience of their players and, consequently, spend more time playing and spending more money.

Live Casino FAQ | Frequently Asked Questions

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