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Frequently Asked Questions about online Casinos?

Are you one of those people who is in that tireless search for information about online casinos? We present everything you need to know to start enjoying the benefits they offer. Here is the Live Casino FAQ!

Is it safe to play in an online casino? The answer is yes.

Online casinos are entities that are regulated with high levels of security, in order to guarantee the protection of both financial and personal data of the bettor. These sites are categorized according to their reputation, so if you are a newcomer looking for a casino, make sure it is one with a solid reputation, to ensure that the data provided is really safe.

Physical casino or online casino?

To be really honest with you, virtual casinos have an infinite number of advantages, since, with technological advances, smartphones and laptops, you will have access to casino games at any time anywhere in the world. There will always be new games and you can enjoy them from the comfort of your home.

How do I deposit money?

It’s pretty straightforward, as payment methods range from credit card payments to e-wallet solutions. In addition, all the solutions offered by online casinos internationally are 100% safe, fast and easy to use. It is necessary to review the forms of payment depending on the country, since the regulations and policies established may vary.

How do I report a problem in online casinos?

In case of having a problem of any kind, the customer service staff will be in charge of assisting you and guiding you to the best solution, since they are available 24/7. No matter what the problem is, they will take care of fixing it as quickly as possible.

Real money or just for fun?

There is the ability to enter online casinos for both reasons, as many of the players just want to have fun or learn from the games before investing real money. So to be able to access it for free, it is only necessary to choose from the thousands of online casinos that offer this modality.

Are there limits to gambling?

As in land-based casinos, each gaming table sets its own minimum and maximum limits for bets. This will depend on each casino and each table.
Genuine online casinos are concerned about the safety of every one of their players and know that there is a danger of gambling. Thus, they go ahead to establish security policies for the players. Within these policies, each player is given the opportunity to establish the limits of the game in both time and money. If the player himself establishes that he cannot play more than a certain number of hours per week, the online casino will respect this decision, and once the limit is reached, it will not allow him to enter for the established time. The same is true when it comes to money limits.

What equipment do I need to start playing?

The options to start playing are several, you can do it from your computer, either by downloading an application or not, but you can also do it from any mobile device and thus you can have entertainment 24 hours a day at your fingertips. Interestingly, the platforms are very careful to offer both protection to players and non-fraudulent games, so the controls that are established for each of the games offered, guarantee that the prizes are awarded in a manner with no risk.
The games are provided by developer companies who put them through rigorous tests over time to pass subsequent evaluations. Not only are the organizations that certify each of the games, but also the players have the opportunity to give their opinion on many of the existing portals on the internet. Their opinion is very valuable when defining

Can I use bonuses to play board games?

Bonuses are one of the main attractions of online casinos, therefore, they offer bonuses or promotions to keep users happy. Some of these bonuses can only be used for table games or exclusively for another type of game. So we must read the terms and conditions of the bonuses before using them.
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While on the table, is it possible that other players see me or am I anonymous?

Well, you don’t worry about your privacy on the board. Playing in online casinos offers you the best of anonymity that you always want. The online casino camera is more concerned on each table with the dealer offering and just you. More so, your only recognition is your username and not even your real name. Usually, it is advised that you don’t use your nickname, a common name or even your real name as a use when playing online casinos.

Does Live Casino offer a VIP section?

The magic word for every casino, be it regular or online casino is VIP. It’s a title everyone wants to be treated as but cannot achieve altogether. You have to continually play in the casino to be considered worthy of being a VIP. Even so, you have to be a high bankroller so you’re ridiculed behind.  Only then, can you join other classy players on the high, private table? 

How can I change the field’s and dealer’s position?

If you’re interested in managing the sounds, chats and camera of the casino you’re operating with, you simply have to go to the settings area, and make your adjustments. There, you stand the chance to be able to get the complete overview of the table, a specific part for the ongoing games, blackjack cards or how the roulette wheel is spinning.

Can I chat with other players? How?

Usually, most online casinos offer you the chat option to talk to other players available on the same table as you. Not saying that you’ll see them or so, but with their username and number of players undertaking the same game as you, you can continue to have a chat or share ideas with them. So then, you can feel free to use this function but never forget to go by rules of the casino guiding the table.    

Are the rules in a regular casino different from their online counterparts?

Regularly, to gamble in a real casino, the only restriction is the minimum age of entry, which varies between 18 and 21 years, according to the laws of each nation. There are countries where online casinos are totally prohibited and gaming establishments recommend keeping up to date with current legislation because it is not surprising that it is modified quite frequently.
The level of security is higher in internet casinos. It is an essential aspect of the reputation of this type of web platform because nowadays it is not uncommon to observe a virtual room with the presence of players from different parts of the world. Land-based casinos can provide a unique sensory experience, but when it comes to the variety and ways of betting, nothing brings more security and diversity than online casinos.

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While the complete disappearance of physical casinos is highly unlikely —at least in the short or medium term. According to the tourist industry (existing in cities such as Las Vegas) they still say that online casinos cause an upset. 

People associate Real casinos with locations with great tourist potential. Usually, the betting establishments are part of a circuit or tour for visitors.

In addition, there are many gamblers with a great feeling of loyalty towards real casinos. The most practical and versatile solution of the large bookmakers has been to maintain the physical hall. In parallel, they create a reliable website for online betting. Also, most online casino users have ever attended a land-based casino.

Digital entertainment specialists create those gamers who flock to the website to recreate the gambling experience like a real arcade. However, many of these locations are not easily accessible.

It’s possible to enter web portals from anywhere in the world. It includes the time considered most appropriate by the client.

We hope this helps clarify doubts about online casinos and the frequently asked questions about the advantages it offers. So don’t wait any longer, we invite you to play, enjoy and win real money.

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